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Club Event Details

U12 Training @ Manning Park 028-1819
Manning Park
Sun Mar 3rd, 2019
Tue Feb 26th, 2019
bus only late [$50.00], bus & child lift late [$80.00]
Signup Closed.
Please direct inquiries to the contact person as per below.

U12 Training @ Manning Park, 3 March 2019

Registration deadline: Sunday,  17 February 2019

This is a TEAM event. We would like to have ALL athletes on the bus - if there is room, parents may also hop on the bus for a fee. Unless your child/ren get terribly car sick, then parents driving would be good.


  • Option 1: $50 includes coach expenses + bus (child has snowpass)
  • Option 2: $80 includes coach expenses + bus + child lift ticket (with Grouse pass discount 25% off regular lift ticket price)

"Please keep in mind that once registered the only option to cancel the registration is by communicating directly with the event organizer ( BEFORE the registration deadline. Not paying for the event will NOT automatically cancel the registration."

Departure location: Superstore North Vancouver

Departure time: 6 am (Please, be ON time, coaches have to help set up at Manning Park) 

Pick-up location: Superstore North Vancouver

Pick-up time: Approx. 6.30 - 7.00 pm

NOTE: NO training at Grouse

Equipment: slalom skis or powder skis. will be decided Saturday

Please, bring your Grouse and/or Grade 4/5 pass

Put on your ski pants in the morning. Bring a backpack with

  • extra pair of gloves and goggles
  • water bottle
  • snacks
  • lunch - there is only deep fried food or burgers. If your child doesn't like either, best to bring your own food. HIghly recommended by coach Tamara
  • DVDs - there may be a dvd player in the bus

Leave your electronics at home. There is NO wifi and NO cell phone connection in Manning Park.



For logistics contact Kristine u12.admin@grousetyee

For coaching questions contact Tamara