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Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing

Check out our calendar for updates on fitness testing dates.

Fitness testing is performed 2 to 3 times a year to gauge the fitness improvements during the dryland training season. The first test is at the beginning of the dryland season - usually in June. There are then intermediate tests in July and/or September with a final test in November before getting back on snow.

Although the kids like comparing their scores to each other, the main focus is to benchmark and measure own fitness improvements in each training block. The coaches also look at the various tests to identify any potential weaknesses and imbalances in the racer's bodies. There is no cost for the dryland testing and all kids are invited. The focus for U8 and U10 aged kids is mostly on practicing and losing fear of testing.

Individual fitness testing results may also be used by the coaching staff as a guideline for program selections or training recommendations. 


  • Test #1 → Sunday, 11 September 2022 (LOCATION: Lionsgate Rec. Center, TIME: please check the website calendar for start times per age group) approximately 1 to 1.5 hrs
  • Test #2 → on 19 November - Details are on the website calendar

After each fitness test, athletes will receive their individual results from their coaches.

The second fall fitness testing takes place on 19 November 2022 - more info on our website calendar

This will show whether there has been a progression from the first testing in June.

If your family is already involved in other sports during the school year, we encourage you to pursue those sports 100%. You can use our fitness program as a supplement and expose the kids to ski specific movements.

For any dryland-oriented questions, please feel free to email