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Hebron House League

Tyee has decided to create an intramural-style House Cup league for our athletes, which will build upon our Tyee spirit, create opportunities for athlete leadership and mentorship, promote teamwork between age groups, and allow for tons of Tyee fun! 

Our House League is named the Hebron House League in remembrance of Rod "Yogi" Hebron, a former Grouse Tyee member, 10-year member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team who sadly passed away in 2023. Yogi was a two-time Olympian, a 14 times medal winner at the Canadian national championships (8 Gold, 5 Silver, and 1 Bronze), and finished in the top 5 of two World Cup events, among many other competitive achievements. Yogi was an influential and inspiring leader and mentor, sharing his positive character, talent, and skills with the alpine ski community in Canada.

To celebrate the Tyee values of excellence, expertise, teamwork, fun, sportsmanship, friendship, and inclusion, the winning team of the Hebron House League will be awarded the Yogi Hebron Trophy at the end of the season! 

  • Athletes have been placed onto Hebron House Teams made up of members from U8 to U16.
  • Each athlete will remain on their Hebron House Team through their entire time in Tyee.
  • You will have noticed that if you have more than one athlete in your family, they have been placed in the same team.
  • U16 will have the opportunity to captain their Hebron House Team, and will be part of creating and building team spirit for each team!
  • Throughout each year, Hebron House Teams will participate and compete in different events like the Orientation Run (that just happened).
  • Athletes' participation and results will win points for their house.
  • At the end of each season, a Hebron House Team will be awarded the Yogi Hebron Trophy

House League Updates

VST’s Nakiska Recap 2024

By Annabel Li, VST 05/03/2024, 7:15pm PDT

VST headed back to Alberta for their last event of the season!

VST headed back to Alberta for their last event of the season!