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Tyee Cup Shines

By Unknown, 03/10/20, 12:00AM PDT


It’s been a busy run on Grouse Mountain for the Tyee Ski Club.  On the heels of a successful FIS slalom series volunteers retooled and regrouped for one of the largest U12 events in the country and the premier event on the calendar.  The Tyee Cup challenged almost 150 young ski racers in 4 events over 2 days.  Medals are awarded for each race.  The Tyee Cup goes to the best overall male and female skier at the end of the weekend.  Congratulations to Kingsley Parkhill and Hannah Neeves on taking home the Cup this year.

With volunteers aplenty and cooperative weather the races went off trouble free. Tyee U12 head coach Tamara Schaupp acknowledged the efforts of the parents

“I would like to thank all parents who helped out at the Tyee Cup and behind the scenes to make the weekend as successful as it was.”

Coach Tamara was also incredibly impressed with how the Tyees handled the process, worked hard and supported one another.

“Most kids knew their goals at the start and were able to tell us afterwards if they thought they achieved them. Even though some did not finish or were disqualified, everyone gave their best and that is what counts the most.”  Schaupp said.

“The team support was fantastic! Kids were cheering each other on, bringing jackets down and there was a very good vibe at the start.”

Looking ahead Tamara has a final reminder. 

Racing hard can only be learned through training hard! This is something that kids at the U12 age still have to learn and be reminded about. It is a process over many years - think long term!!”

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