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Ethan — December 2022 U12 Athlete of the Month

By Tamara Schaupp, U12 Head Coach, 01/13/23, 2:30PM PST



Ethan in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA in the Summer of 2022

Congratulations to Ethan for being our U12 Athlete of the Month for December 2022!

Ethan swims a lot when he does not ski, especially in Summer. He also runs 3-4 times a week to keep his stamina up. However, the incentive for him to continue with all these activities is skiing. He wants to be able to ski longer without jeopardizing performance. 

Ethan likes to play board games with his friends. He does not like rain and shopping. 

Interesting fact — Ethan gets dizzy after eating sweets while traveling in a car, so if he tells you that he sees stars then you know what happened. 

Ethan wants to train a dog to ski with him.