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Mount Sima 2024 Recap

By Ethan Yu, 05/21/24, 12:30PM PDT


First-year U14, Ethan Yu, recaps a training trip to Mount Sima in Whitehorse

Mount Sima, Yukon

Mount Sima, Yukon

At the beginning of this month, our U14, U16, and FIS teams headed up north to Yukon for some end-of-season training days. It was the U14 and U16’s first-ever camp to the Yukon, with the weather being perfect for training conditions.

The team of 14 athletes, led by coach Ryan Jazic, Ryan Patience, and Matias Vargas,  started off by gathering at YVR at 6:35 in the morning. After being picked up by the bus at Whitehorse Airport, we headed toward Boréale Ranch where we called home for the next 10 days. 

U14, U16, and VST athletes with coaches

U14, U16, and VST athletes with coaches. Photo by Chris Johnson.

Training started the next day with the morning snow being a little icy and getting softer as the day progressed. The athletes would wake up at 5:00 am to get ready for training and coaches would wake up even earlier to set up courses on the mountain. The team would have two breakfasts a day, one provided by Boréale Ranch and the other by Mount Sima. It was a two-day slalom then followed by two days of GS. This pattern continued for the rest of the trip. Sometimes, after skiing, we would have a little surprise waiting for us... a 5-kilometer run to dip in the cold water of Lewes Lake! The athletes would also have video reviews with their very supportive coaches. On the 6th day of the trip, the team went to Carcross to take a little day off. We visited the shops and the Carcross Dune (a desert in Yukon). 

After the day trip to Carcross, the whole team was back in shape and ready to tackle another day of skiing. On the last day of this amazing trip, the team headed back to Whitehorse Airport for their flight back. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for 3 hours, however, after just a few games of Among Us with the coaches, the athletes’ spirit spiked right back up. As we landed in Vancouver, it wasn’t just the end of the trip but also the start of new adventures to come.

This Mount Sima camp was a success with many athletes improving on both skiing and team cooperation. All our coaches were very supportive and educative to the athletes throughout this entire trip. The chaperone Leah Daniels and the parent Chris Johnson were very caring and kind, helping in every way they could.

Sunny skies and gate training at Mount Sima

Sunny skies and gate training at Mount Sima