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Titouan OlaniƩ

Head Coach: Titouan Olanié
Certification: TBD

U19/VST is a FIS program designed for racers ages 16+ who are interested in developing their fitness, skiing, racing and mental preparedness, along with their overall growth as a person. We cater to athletes with aspirations of qualifying for the BC Ski Team and anyone who wants to be the best skier they can be. The program continues to focus on improving/learning/reinforcing fundamentals learned at the U16 level, however now encourages the athletes to be more independent. On and off the hill you will find the individuals well being and personal growth at the core of this program. 

The Vancouver Ski Team supports U19 racers from the 5 BC Coast zone ski resorts, including Mt. Washington, Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Mt. Seymour, and Sasquatch Mountain. By joining forces and logistical resources, VST helps young ski racers achieve their athletic goals and learn valuable life skills that apply well beyond sport alone. This year, 18 athletes signed up for the 2022/23 VST programs, and 2 full time coaches will lead operations year round.

The VST have opportunities to ski the whole mountain in all conditions with confidence, speed and balance on numerous occasions as a general love for skiing in and out of the courses will help create skiers for life. Each team member is encouraged to reach maximum potential athletically, socially, academically and personally. The Vancouver Ski Team often collaborates with other FIS programs in the province in order to provide the athletes with the best possible training and racing environments.

Our experienced coaches are very knowledgeable & positive role models; their passion for skiing is key for leading by example. 

Being apart of our ski team provides our athletes the opportunity to ski all over western Canada, the pacific northwest of the USA, and participate in pre season camps in South America and Europe.  

The VST program runs year round and the training schedule is communicated in advance by the head coach. Athletes and families should be prepared for a year round program that demands the athletes attention throughout. We respect the fact that our athletes and families like to plan vacations and encourage them to be taken in August as we typically slow things down before ramping up for pre-season dryland and the winter ahead.

How is the program structured?
VST has two programs: Core and Extended. They’re designed to challenge  every athlete according to their goals, skill levels and expectations as well as support them in pushing their limits and reaching their full potential.

VST Core caters to athletes that can't commit yet to a full time racing year for various reasons such as school, other sports or motivation. On the other hand, VST Extended, caters to athletes that are ready to challenge themselves with a more intense fitness and skiing schedule and aim to qualify to the BCA provincial team. Both programs provide athletes the opportunity to race on the FIS circuit, learn life skills in a team environment and develop athletic abilities.

Please contact our VST Head Coach or the VST Parent Coordinator if you have any further questions about this program.