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VST's February and March Recap 2024

By Annabel Li, VST 04/02/2024, 9:45pm PDT

Nancy Greene Festival 2024 Recap

By Felicia Lo, Communications Chair 03/28/2024, 12:00am PDT

Our U8, U10, and U12 athletes gathered at Sun Peaks Resort this past weekend to ski at the 13th annual Nancy Greene Ski League (NGSL) Festival, joining nearly 600 kids in a 2-day race and skills event.

Brooklyn Larsen, bib 69, Grouse Tyee Ski Club

U12 Tyee Cup 2024

By Felicia Lo, Communications Chair 03/14/2024, 10:15am PDT

Photo by Samantha Duess

U14 and U16 Race Recaps from Whistler and Apex

By Felicia Lo, Communications Chair 03/06/2024, 10:30pm PST

VST Kimberley and Panorama Race Series, Recap

By Annabel Li, VST 02/27/2024, 5:30pm PST

VST’s latest travels saw them tackle back-to-events in Kimberley and Panorama!

VST - Panorama Christmas Series Recap

By Annabel Li, VST 01/04/2024, 7:45pm PST

The Vancouver Ski Team celebrated their last event before the holidays with the annual Christmas series at Panorama.

A Memorable Night at the Tyee Cabin: U12 Girls’ Sleepover

By Sarah McGrath 12/10/2023, 9:30am PST

U12 Tyee Girls gather for a once in a lifetime opportunity to sleepover at the Tyee Cabin on Grouse Mountain.

Mt. Sima Training Camp & Aurora Cup Recap – VST

By Annabel Li, VST 12/04/2023, 3:30pm PST

The Vancouver Ski Team kicked off their 2023-2024 season by returning to Mt Sima, Whitehorse! Over 3 weeks, athletes had the opportunity to train in stellar conditions, get two race starts, revisit last year’s memories, and make new ones.

Sun Peaks Mega Camp Recap

By Annabel Li, VST 05/03/2023, 7:00am PDT

Last weekend, the Vancouver Ski Team joined the U14s and U16s for the Sun Peaks Mega Camp.

Inspection at Kimberly
Mt Sima VST Race November 2022
Cleaning up Grouse Mountain
Harrison Duess, U14 Grouse Tyee. Photo by Samantha Duess.
SL: Thomas Hung, first place (middle) SL: Andrew Pougatch, tenth place (far right)
Andrea Adorno
U16 Silverstar Race – Recap
Titouan Olanié
U8 Skiers
Ryan Jazic
Ryan Patience
  • Meet the U14 Head Coach: Ryan Patience

  • By Sonya T 01/10/2022, 9:30am PST
  • "I know a day is of high quality when the athletes and coaches make a step in the right direction. We are all learning everyday and small wins create big wins."
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  • Meet the U12 Head Coach: Tamara Schaupp

  • By Sonya T 01/08/2022, 3:15pm PST
  • "Be sure to check in with yourself and think about the reasons why you started something when you have a bad day. That will refocus you and bring you a renewed sense of purpose."
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  • Meet the U8 Head Coach: Marouska Smith

  • By Sonya T 01/08/2022, 3:00pm PST
  • "Always give it your best and show up. You'll see results. It's hard for young athletes to understand that but you see it so clearly when you're older."
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Grouse Tyee Mud Run 2021
Titouan Olanié
Andrea Adorno