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Tyee Club Feature Story

Ryan Jazic Named U16 Head Coach

By Michael Kuss 10/18/2020, 11:30am PDT

Accomplished performance coach getting back to basics

Try Tyee 2020

By Web Admin 03/10/2020, 12:00am PDT


U12 Athlete of the Month

Swift Liu is our Grouse Tyee U12 Athlete of the Month for February.  Let's find out more about swift!

Who is your favorite FIS athlete?  My favourite FIS athlete at the moment is Alexis Pinturault.

What are three things you like about ski racing? Ski racing is fun, I am always learning and I love speed.

How do your teammates make training fun? We have very funny discussions and love to prank.

What do you feel when you have a good run? Enjoyment.

What is your favorite song right now? All Star by Smash Mouth.  We like to sing it on the chair.

What do you do after a good day skiing? Sleep, and then play Minecraft with my friends online.

What age were you when you started skiing? I started skiing in Whistler when I was 3 years old.

What is your favorite food to eat the night before a competition? When it is cold I really like Shabu shabu - Japanese hot pot.

Who is your favorite coach and why? I don’t have a favorite coach, all my coaches have been great.

What hobbies do you have outside skiing? Cycling, playing Minecraft with my friends, and piano.

U10 Athletes of the Month

November was an incredible month for dryland. As your coaches, Petar and I were proud and honoured to see the growth everyone achieved as both individuals and a team. Indeed, we couldn't narrow down our AOTM and decided to go against the two-person convention this November, as it was only fair to recognize the multiple achievements.

November AOTM*

November's Athletes of the Month are Daniela Ellis and Bennett Rokoss (Group One), and Sydney Brooks-Parsons and Amelia Park (Group 2). Congratulations to our four teammates for demonstrating what can be developed and achieved within a month!

Please take a look at Daniela, Bennett, Sydney, and Amelia's portfolios below.

Petar and I already miss our dryland sessions with you all but, we cannot wait to see you on the ski hill. We hope you will have the chance to visit Grouse before our club's ski season officially starts.

Please expect another email from me soon with December's dryland team portfolio. Thank you for all your determination, hard work, and enthusiasm. It was an honour to work with you all. Have a wonderful week!


Sonya T.

U10 Dryland Program Lead Coach


*Determining AOTM: Each month we recognize athletes who have both demonstrated and showcased growth toward values we want to grow and instil within the club. Values that include effort, sportsmanship, creativity, and improvement are all taken into account by us as coaches at both an individual and team level. For individual growth, we take note of one’s effort in exercises and active listening/interaction, and improvement in both the physical and social aspects of dryland. For growth at the team level, we take note of an athlete’s role within the team. This role includes positive encouragement and interaction with fellow team members, respect towards their peers and coaches, creativity in accommodating changes in dryland plans, team/partner challenges, and accepting environmental shifts.

U12 Athlete of the Month

Kai Yamada is the 12 Athlete of the month for December

Some of the other things he enjoys are mountain biking, video games, hanging out with friends. 

He is very easy going and makes friends with and plays with everyone in his class, kids on the mountain   

He will pretty much eat anything accept pepperoni pizza

U 12 Athlete of the Month

Zoe Gold is the U12 Athlete of the month for January

When not skiing, Zoë loves playing field hockey, hanging out with her friends and spending the time at her summer cabin on Keats Island. 

Zoe's least favorite thing is when her brothers bug her. They sandwich her between the two of them, this tends to happen a lot!  Zoe sandwich!

Her season goal was to get the most out of her time on the snow by staying focused and working hard while still having fun.